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Our Unique Employment Philosophy

Each member of its corporate staff are based out of a working branch rather than a stand alone corporate headquarters. This philosophy allows each corporate member to have a clear understanding of the intricate functionality of the services we provide our clients and also reducing overhead cost.

Standard for Quality

Tower Eight Staffing sets the standard for professionalism, product quality and top-notch customer service. These are the standards that set Tower Eight Staffing apart from its competitors. By having a solid reputation for reliability and quality service, Tower Eight Staffing’s competitive advantages are reflected in our incessant growing respect – within the industry and with its customers.

We specialize in these staffing solutions

Tower Eight Staffing Solutions offers a comprehensive range of staffing services tailored to meet every business need. Whether you require skilled professionals, semi-skilled workers, or unskilled labor, we have the resources and expertise to provide the right people for the job. Let us help you build a workforce that fits your unique demands and drives your success.

Ongoing Training Success

Tower Eight Staffing is committed to providing the best unskilled labor in the construction industry. A great benefit of using Tower Eight workers is they are all OSHA certified for the job to be performed. Tower Eight Staffing would like to share the importance of safety training by showing you our philosophy, encouraging management to explore the benefits of OSHA safety training.

Additional benefits of hiring with us

  • We take care of the works comp insurance

    Tower Eight Staffing sets itself apart from its competitors, because they put significant emphasis on understanding all avenues of Workers’ Comp Insurance. Tower Eight Staffing provides training for branch personnel and bases their incentive programs on safety and loss prevention.

  • Emergency staffing

    Whether you forgot to order your workers ahead of time or after a natural disaster, Tower Eight Staffing is here to support you for all emergencies! Contact our team 24/7.

  • Safety site personnel

    Tower Eight staffing selectively approaches its clients, performing an interview with each client regarding the client’s safety procedures and safety record and gaining a complete understanding of the tasks for the temporary employee. Once a client is retained, our safety personnel will perform periodic job site safety inspections.

  • Round-the-clock access to our management teams

    We pride ourselves on providing work class service, and faster response times! In order to do this we make sure our management team is available around the clock to take care of any problem that may occur. No problem is too small, we handle each concern and issue promptly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to browse our frequently asked questions for quick answers to common inquiries. Whether you’re curious about our safety protocols, compensation packages, or employment process, our FAQ section provides comprehensive information to address your concerns efficiently. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for personalized assistance.

  1. QUESTION How Long does it take to get contacted back, after applying for a position?
  2. QUESTION How do I send in my resume?
  3. QUESTION Can I apply in person?
  4. QUESTION Can I apply and work the same day?
  5. QUESTION If I apply online, how long does it take for someone to contact me?
  6. QUESTION What positions are you hiring for?

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Available Workforce Solutions

  • Skilled staff
  • Semi skilled staff
  • Unskilled staff
  • Safety personnel
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