About Us

Tower Eight Staffing Solutions has been Florida’s premier temporary staffing agency for over 25 years! At the start of Tower Eight Staffing Solutions, we were known as Labor For Hire. Over the years we have acquired multiple companies that now make up the parent company Labor For Hire. Our goal is to fill the staffing gap in the construction, landscape, and warehouse industries by providing the best staff!

Our Mission is simple

Safer workers, faster response time, and better service!

By providing safer workers, faster response time, and better service than our competitors is how we deliver world-class services!

We know what it takes to attract and retain the most talented skilled employees available in the area. Our proprietary screening processes ensure only the most qualified and dependable people are staffed and dispatched to our clients’. Tower Eight Staffing Solutions, employs some of the most cutting-edge technology available in the industry to manage our team members efficiently and effectively. We can customize our screening process to fit your particular needs, including criminal background checks, E- Verify, drug screenings, and competency and aptitude tests.

We provide our team members with a living wage. Which in turn allows us better worker retention. Our workers also receive training to foster development and advancement; while making safety and productivity their focus. We provide dependable and reliable transportation to and from job sites to ensure our workers are on time.

We pride ourselves in providing world-class service. As a business partner, we promise to work with you to exceed your expectations. We understand that if we do not take care of our clients, someone else will. Your satisfaction is our top priority!