April 2024 Employee of the Month

We are thrilled to announce the winners of Tower 8 Staffing’s Employee of the Month! These individuals have consistently demonstrated exceptional hard work and dedication, contributing significantly to our team’s success across the state of Florida. Their commitment to excellence and willingness to go above and beyond have not gone unnoticed. Your efforts are deeply appreciated and celebrated by the entire Tower 8 Staffing team. Congratulations!

April 2024 Employees Of the Month

Orlando, FL Branch

Jesus Yi

Jesus Yi – Jesus has been recognized as employee of the month who has made significant improvements in his work performance. Starting in February 2024, he already has his OSHA 10 Aerial & Scissor Lift Certifications with his Foklift, looking to move up in the company and to stay long term, he is always a team player!

Naples, FL Branch

Frantz Desormeaux – Frantz has shown dedication. Always the first one through the door. All supervisors speak very highly of him.

Lake Worth, FL Branch

Jose Zabala Gutierrez

Jose Zabala Gutierrez – Jose is the Lake Worth employee of the month because not only is he a hard worker who comes to work six days a week, a weekly worker who is loyal hardworking, respectful, kind, and will do whatever is required of him, no questions, just wants to get the job done and done right. Customers love him and he has been on the same job now for about six months now. No complaints from the clients or him when something needs to be done.

Tampa, FL Branch

Daniel Mitchell – Daniel has over 2300 hours with 1 customer and without incidents. Daniel always leads by example and strives to represent us in a professional manner. Customers and co-workers like Daniel because he is always there to lend a helping hand. These are the employees every employer dreams of having on their team. Keep up the great work!

Hollywood, FL Branch

John Stragolagalli

John Stragolagalli – We are glad to have chosen John as our employee of the month. He is currently working at Pier 66 as our gateman and is always punctual and ready to take on his tasks. Thank you John and keep up the great work!

Hialeah, FL Branch

Kevin Espinoza – Kevin has been with us for a few months now. Since he has started, he hasn’t missed a day at JMA and has been a great addition to Tower 8 Staffing.