Additional benefits of hiring with us

  • We take care of the works comp insurance

    Tower Eight Staffing sets itself apart from its competitors, because they put significant emphasis on understanding all avenues of Workers’ Comp Insurance. Tower Eight Staffing provides training for branch personnel and bases their incentive programs on safety and loss prevention.

  • Emergency staffing

    Whether you forgot to order your workers ahead of time or after a natural disaster, Tower Eight Staffing is here to support you for all emergencies! Contact our team 24/7.

  • Safety site personnel

    Tower Eight staffing selectively approaches its clients, performing an interview with each client regarding the client’s safety procedures and safety record and gaining a complete understanding of the tasks for the temporary employee. Once a client is retained, our safety personnel will perform periodic job site safety inspections.

  • Round-the-clock access to our management teams

    We pride ourselves on providing work class service, and faster response times! In order to do this we make sure our management team is available around the clock to take care of any problem that may occur. No problem is too small, we handle each concern and issue promptly!

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Available Workforce Solutions

  • Skilled staff
  • Semi skilled staff
  • Unskilled staff
  • Safety personnel
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